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Our eyewear selection

At Optics of Ticonderoga, we want you to find eyewear that fits comfortably and looks good. You can choose from all of the best-known brands and find the right style that matches your tastes.

- Quality eyewear

- Designer frames

- Affordable eyewear

- Fashionable frames

- Comfortable fits

Eyewear, accessories and protective eyewear

We offer frames and lenses for everyone, and the accessories you need to keep them looking great and working properly.


We also offer high quality protective eyewear for eye glasses or sunglasses, made by Wiley X.

Dedicated to you

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you choose perfectly fitting frames that look great. We want you to walk out satisfied and feeling confident in your look.

Find the style

and brands that

fit your tastes


Don't be limited in your selection of stylish and comfortable eyewear. Optics of Ticonderoga has all the styles and brands you want in a great set of glasses.

Our experienced staff will help you find the perfect fit and let you choose the style that fits who you are.

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