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Comfortable and stylish eyewear

What you will find here

You can find the eyewear to match your personality at Optics of Ticonderoga. We have the lenses and frames you want and will help you select a pair that is not only functional but comfortable as well.

- Designer frames

- Eye glass lenses

- Sunglasses

- Sports eyewear

- Protective eyewear

Well-known brands and accessories for your eyewear

We carry all of the well-known brands and styles for you to choose from when selecting a new set of eyewear.


And we offer quality active eyewear such as Wiley X and all the accessories you need to care for your eyewear.

Personalized service

We care for each and every patient with individualized service, ensuring your needs are met and your concerns are resolved. You'll leave confident and satisfied about your eyewear.

Find the frames you've been searching for


The knowledgeable and courteous staff at Optics of Ticonderoga is here to help you find the perfect eyewear to fit your needs and personal tastes.

You can find the right eyewear that's perfect for you and that fits within any budget.

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