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Wiley X product lines

Wiley X is the perfect line of eyewear if you're an active person needing protective eyewear. These eye glasses are perfect for individuals participating in sports or outdoor activities by keeping the weather and elements at bay.

- Quality, durable eyewear

- Men’s street series

- Active series

- Women’s street series

- Goggle series

Everyday eyewear and accessories

When you need new glasses, come to Optics at Ticonderoga to get the friendly service you deserve and the quality eyewear you need.


We offer many frames and lenses as well as the accessories you need to protect them against everyday use.

Durable and stylish

You can get shatter-proof lenses, safety eye glasses and sunglasses without sacrificing style. These eye glasses are not only protective, but come with many frame options.

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Keep your eyes safe with durable and protective eyewear from Wiley X, you will look great in them. They're stylish frames for glasses and sunglasses.

Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the right protective eyewear to fit with your lifestyle.

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